Did you know your body weight is nearly 60% water? That means if you’re a 150 lb person, 90 lbs of you is water weight! Water is held in our blood, our bones, our fat tissue, along with being used in and outside of the cell to transport nutrients. Water is important because not only does it transport good things around your body, it also transports the bad things out. It lubricates your joins, keeps your vertebrae strong and tall, acts as a shock absorber for your spinal cord and nervous tissues, regulates body temperature and balances all your systems so they have just the right amount of minerals to function at their best.

With water basically being in charge of your body structures and functions, it’s no wonder why we are told to drink more, and more, and more water. But are we getting enough?

Most people wait to drink water once they are thirsty. Thirst is actually the body’s cue that you are already dehydrated and is a very poor measure of your body’s need for water. In fact, thirst indicates your body has already lost 1-2% of body weight in water and it’s sending you a “Help” signal because body functions are already not performing at their best. At this point, you might lose mental clarity, focus, and any physical performance can be dramatically sabotaged.

If we ignore our body’s cry for water, you might experience more severe dehydration symptoms such as:

  • kidney failure
  • vomiting
  • dizziness
  • cramping
  • dialysis
  • fever
  • sweating
  • diarrhea
  • reduced motor skills
  • reduced mental capacity

These symptoms are simply your bodies way of getting your attention to fix the issue, and should not be ignored or quieted by medications. Instead, ask your body what it needs. Of course, there always exceptions and many other symptoms your body can send for other problems – but it’s best to rule them out one by one to pinpoint an issue, thus drinking water should be the least of your worries.

A good rule of thumb that I give my clients is to drink a minimum of their body weight in ounces, and a maximum of their body weight. SO, if you are a 140 lb. individual, your body needs at least 70 ounces of water each day to function with. Most fitness professionals aim for a gallon a day (128 ounces) which is a safe medium between their water goals.

Don’t ignore your body’s cry for more water – listen to your body, it knows exactly what it needs. Water is a powerful healer and can improve your quality of life if you let it! Start today, make a goal, and start drinking as much water as your body deserves!