Have you heard of the book, Sleep Smarter? It’s a must read for any of my clients and I would highly recommend stopping by amazon to pick up a copy. When I read this book, it opened my mind to so much information and made me realize how many things I WAS DOING WRONG. I will be sharing quite a lot of posts over the next few months about sleep because it’s some of the most precious hours we get, and yet we tend to always put it on the back burner.

Getting the right amount of sleep, at the right time, and making sure you get into the right stages of sleep to get all the benefits, requires a lot. This wasn’t a problem a few centuries ago, or even a few decades ago, but now our lives are stimulated by screens, noise, people, demanding tasks, work, and now our mindset is that we can “sleep when we’re dead”  or that if we sleep, “we are missing out”. It’s time to throw those false beliefs out the window because YOUR BODY NEEDS SLEEP!

How do you know if your body is sleep deprived? Here’s a few of the most common symptoms:

  • You wake up feeling groggy
  • You feel tired all day and can’t seem to find enough energy to face life
  • You have a hard time falling asleep at night
  • Your hormones are unbalanced (and we’re not just talking about melatonin)
  • You are overweight, struggling to lose weight, or feel that you are gaining fat for no apparent reason
  • You struggle with high blood pressure or high cholesterol
  • You seem to get sick easily, are always sick, or have a hard time getting better or healing wounds
  • Your memory loss is rough and dementia at an early age might just be a thing
  • You struggle with ADD or ADHD and can’t seem to focus for long periods of time
  • You’re emotionally unstable, irritable, and irrational
  • You are quick to pick fights, argue or get upset easily

Many of these symptoms can have multiple factors contributing to them, but did you know that over 50% of American’s are sleep deprived (most of them don’t even know they are). I’ve been amazed at how many health problems many of my clients have fixed when they started taking sleep seriously.

Here is a checklist to go through with yourself and see what you can start working on today to help get your body the rest it deserves…

  • Am I sleeping during the most important hours of the night (10 pm – 2 am)?
  • Do I  turn off screens at least 90 minutes before I fall asleep?
  • Do I keep out work related or stress causing tasks of the bedroom and reserve simply for relaxing and sleeping?
  • Do I have blinds or curtains that black out all the outside light from coming into my bedroom?
  • Do I have any electronics or glowing lights in my bedroom that I should cover up with tape?
  • Do I wear pajamas that help trigger my mind to wind down for sleep?
  • Are my clothes or socks I’m sleeping in too tight? Do they restrict proper blood flow to my brain and circulation throughout my body?
  • Does the temperature in my bedroom stay between 60 and 68 degrees?
  • Am I wrapping up all alcoholic drinks at least 3 hours before bedtime?
  • Do I spend time in the sunlight every day, especially in the mornings?
  • Do I cut out all caffeine from my diet by at least 2pm?

Stay tuned for more blog posts coming up about how sleep can help with fat loss and hormone balancing!