Macronutrients are nutrients that are essential in your diet. These include fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. Each of these are important and play a very specific role in your body’s quest for health. When macros are eaten in the right amount for your body, weight loss is effortless as you are giving your body exactly the right formula that it needs to thrive. Yes, you can still lose weight by counting calories, but the quality of your weight loss will SUFFER and your body will be under a lot of stress if it isn’t receiving the right amount of each macronutrient. Here’s what happens if you’re low on any of these:

Not Enough Protein = muscle loss, vital body functions shut down, energy levels and metabolism slowed and put under stress

Not Enough Fats = negative impact on hormones, vital functions slow down, metabolism altered (who wants a slower metabolism? not me…)

Not Enough Carbs = impacted physical performance

I see client after client who is eating too many carbohydrates for their body type and is cutting down on protein and fats. This is what a typical American diet includes!

Here’s what happens when you eat like this = low or unstable energy, sugar cravings, uncontrollable appetite, poor mood and focus, irritability, belly fat, gas, bloating, difficulty losing weight, headaches, insulin resistance, and inability to get quality sleep (to name a few).

Do any of those sound familiar?

If you are on a weight loss (or even weight gain) journey, paying attention to your macro ratios is imperative to success and keeping your body healthy. When trying to decide what macro ratios to use in your diet, it’s important to consider your metabolism, your ability to digest carbs (known as carbohydrate tolerance), your daily activity levels and also your body type. Each of these plays an important role in determining just how many macro’s you need to achieve a balanced weight and healthy system.

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