There are many different opinions as to how much or how little of carbohydrates you should consume. While there are many good carb sources out there, American’s typically eat way too many carbs and not enough proteins and fats, making their body a factory for weight gain and disease.

When trying to make the best choices for your body, here are a few things I think are wise to know and consider:

  1. Lowering your carbohydrate consumption while increasing healthy fats in your diet will facilitate rapid body fat loss without sacrificing vital body functions and systems.
  2. The rate at which carbohydrates are digested and absorbed can influence body composition.
  3. The best choices of carbohydrates in the diet come from slow digesting carbs that do not spike your blood sugars and come with a lot of fiber (hint: these are not found in processed foods).
  4. Slow digesting carbohydrates enhance your satiety by balancing your blood sugars, keeping your insulin concentrations balanced and enhancing your energy levels. This in turn produces the body composition results you desire.
  5. Fast digesting carbs (which spike the blood sugar) are only beneficial after a carb-depleting exercise session of 60 or more minutes where you sweat a lot. These help the body restore quick energy when needed.
  6. Fats digesting carbs are found in most grains and processed/packaged foods.

What are the best sources of carbohydrates?

You guessed it…fruits and veggies! Not only do these live foods give your body energy, but they are jam packed with nutrients and vitamins that your body can’t function without. That being said, here are my top choices of carbohydrates for consumption:






Mixed Berries

Oranges & Grapefruit

Mixed Beans


Whole Oats

Stay tuned for more posts on the dangers of having too many of the wrong kinds of carbs!