As a trainer and nutritionist, I get supplement questions ALL DAY LONG and I love it. While each of us has our own tastes, preferences, and of course, budgets, I wanted to share with you my top 5 protein bars that I keep my pantry stocked up on. I’m always adding more favorites to this list and what I’m eating at the moment rotates depending on what my macros and current workout program is.

I consider all of these “clean” because they have minimal ingredients, include healthy ingredients in a natural form, are free of common allergens, are non-GMO, no processed sugars, and have a good balance of healthy fats and protein. In other-words, I feel pretty guilt free when I eat my daily protein bar! I cringe when I see people chowing down on protein bars that are actually no better for your body than a candy bar. Sadly, most protein bars are full of processed garbage, fake sugars, additives, etc. that only stress out your immunity, gut, hormones, and blood sugars. Take it from me and try these options that are cleaner, gut friendly, and are also a great way to take protein with you on the go!

(these are not listed in any special order – click on the titles for more info)

  1. RXΒ Bars
    • 12 grams protein
  2. G2G Protein Bars
    • 18 grams protein
  3. Square Organics
    • 12 grams protein
  4. Primal Kitchen Collagen Bars
    • 15 grams protein
  5. JJ Virgin Bars
    • 12 grams protein

If you have other favs you think I would like, send me a message – I would love to try them!