Every one of us is different! Our genetic pool is completely unique, which brings with it our own health strengths and struggles. Through all my research, training and experience – I have come to understand that no one workout or “diet” works for everyone. I approach my clients with tailored programs that fit their personal lifestyle, goals, schedules and genetic make-up.

I’ve worked with hundreds of successful clients over the years and have helped them to fuel their bodies in a way that either supports their current exercise load – maximizing performance and recovery, reduces body fat percentages, increases lean muscle building, achieves weight loss or weight gain, or helps to target specific health concerns such as high sugars or cholesterol.

Please contact me at kaitlyntanillefitness@gmail.com to learn about my client pricing and together we can help you reach your health goals!

Pricing and Packages are available for:

  • customized meal plans
  • customized exercise programs
  • meal plan + exercise program packages
  • personal training sessions
  • health coaching
  • group educational classes
  • phone consultations
  • group exercise classes
  • emotional release therapy sessions

Don’t see what you want? Contact me and together we can create what you had in mind!