Kaitlyn is a wonderful, wonderful person and trainer. She motivates, she works very hard.  She is very supportive. I love working with her. All of her classes are so much fun. She is a fantastic person. It’s been pleasant having her as our wellness coordinator. She has a lot of positive leadership qualities. Her workouts are well balanced.  She love to mix things up.  It’s…..NEVER boring. Never TOO hard. Never TOO easy. I would recommend her to anyone. – Kim P.

I have been working with Kaitlyn for several years, and I have never met anyone as knowledgeable about nutrition and fitness as her.  Every fitness class I have had with her, is not only challenging, but also very fun.  Kaitlyn invests herself into your success and will do what she can to help you achieve your fitness goals. – Teresa L.

I had started running in 2015 and had just ran my 2nd 5k. When I met Kaitlyn,  I was afraid of doing workouts and training wrong so I went to her with lots and lots of question.  Kaitlyn showed me how to train and work out properly with my running and with strength training so I did not get hurt. As of April of 2016 I ran my first half marathon and as of April of 2017 I have completed a total of 11 half marathons.  A lot of what I have accomplished over the last 2 years in running of 10k’s to running the half marathons has been easier because of Kaitlyn’s help.  Her help and encouragement has went a long way in what this 62 year old has done. – Terry F.

You have help me so much to get motivated in eating with the meal planning you did for me along with all the classes. Now when I miss a class I feel guilty. I love that the classes make me sweat and are always a good work out. Plus I love the one on one that you give.  Love it  love it. – Carrie A.

Kaitlyn is a wonderful trainer.  She motivates, she works hard.  She is supportive.  She kicks my butt.  I love working out for/with her.  It’s been fantastic having her as our wellness coordinator.  I go to the classes because of her leadership.  She does well balanced workouts.  She mixes things up.  It’s NEVER boring, never TOO hard, never TOO easy.  I have stuck with her for years.  I would recommend her to anyone.  She gets it done!!!! – Chris L.

The best thing I can say is I feel better at 45 than 35.  Much of the credit goes to Kaitlyn and her focus on strengthening the whole body.  I compete and consistently outperform people much younger than me. – Jared P.

Kaitlyn is one of the best instructors I have had a pleasure to observe. Not only is she fit and dedicated but she also makes any workout fun. Most importantly, she motivates you by taking a genuine pleasure in your success. You feel guilty if you are slacking and not doing your best during her workouts as you absolutely want to see her be proud of you. – Anna M.

Kaitlyn always has creative ideas for workouts that will help you meet your goals and she will meet you where you are at! Her recipes are great and she is so positive! Her knowledge and understanding of nutrition for people with food allergies is unbeatable! It’s very helpful to have a personal coach who believes in you when you begin to doubt yourself! I highly recommend her! – Angela J.

I met Kaitlyn in December 2016, and started attending her full body strength with core, sport conditioning and step classes. She is very creative in conducting the routines and doesn’t repeat exercises. Her exercises have helped my energy level, core strength and balance. I am shopping for new clothes as I lost about 5 pounds since then. She is a very friendly and a kind person at the same time you will break a sweat with her 45 minutes workout sessions. She motivated me to run a 5K, gave me tips and encouraged me and now I can run 3 miles without a break. Attending Kaitlyn exercise routines has changed my mindset to exercise, be fit and have a healthy lifestyle. – Archana R.

I am so fortunate to have had Kaitlyn as my trainer and have attended her weight training and step aerobics classes for the last two years. Before joining the gym at work I mostly did workout tapes at home. I started attending Kaitlyn’s classes as a supplement to what I was already doing but found them to be so much better that I stopped bothering with the tapes and attended her classes every day instead. I lost 10 lbs within the first few months and have had a much easier time maintaining my goal weight ever since. Her classes are challenging but also fun, and she is a great motivator to keep you coming back and pushing yourself past what you think you can do. I can lift much heavier weights than when I started and her step classes are a blast. She mixes things up each week to keep us on our toes and challenges the class both physically and mentally. Since working out with Kaitlyn I was able to train for and run a half marathon. – Amy H.