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Healthy Swaps When Baking

One of my favorite challenges when it comes to cooking is taking any recipe and creating a healthy, nutrient-dense version that tastes yummy! While every recipe is a little different, here are a few swap suggestions that you can make... Continue Reading →

Cholesterol – What You Need to Know

In the past few months, I have done hundreds and hundreds of lipid panels on clients wanting to know how their "numbers" are looking. Sadly, I have been astounded at the high levels of cholesterol that seem so common among... Continue Reading →

Total Body Strength & Cardio Workout

I love mixing up my workouts to get in a little strength and cardio, especially if I am short on time. This workout is about a 45 minute commitment with moves that can be modified for all fitness levels. Workout... Continue Reading →


There are many different opinions as to how much or how little of carbohydrates you should consume. While there are many good carb sources out there, American's typically eat way too many carbs and not enough proteins and fats, making... Continue Reading →

Healthy Fats

Fats were given a bad reputation in the 1970's when marketers started marketing their products as "fat free" and "low fat". When they pulled the fats out of their products (which gave them flavor), they replaced them with cheap sugar... Continue Reading →

Your Body’s Protein Needs

Most people think of body building or bulking up when they think protein. But what most of them don't know is that proteins are responsible for everything in your body! They contribute to our structure, hormones, enzymes, immunity, transportation of... Continue Reading →

Medicine Ball Circuit

This workout requires minimal equipment and will tone and strengthen every muscle in your body! All you need is a medicine ball and a jump rope (and if you don't have a rope, just pretend). Click the link below to... Continue Reading →

Foam Rolling – Fast Track to Recovery

Have you tried foam rolling? I used to pass by the foam rollers in the store and head straight for the heavy lifting and fun equipment I could implement into my workouts ... but once I started foam rolling my... Continue Reading →

Sugar Hacks

Sugar wreaks absolute havoc and destruction in your body. Sugar is also more addicting than heroine. But what if I told you there were lots of different options out there for you that could help curb your sugar cravings and... Continue Reading →

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